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niffs's Journal

I'm probably just a big kid at heart. I love my friends, both human and furry.
I love them a whole lot. I love cookies too. And candy. I really love candy. And bats.
I love bats. And ducks. But not geese. Geese scare the ever loving hell out of me.

From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere! - Dr. Seuss

Thought is free. -William Shakespeare

In the end, everything's a gag. -Charlie Chaplin

For the love of Pete, people! Drop me a comment if you're going to add me. It's just polite! :)

1.21 gigawatts!?, 48 hour spider-man, a purple hippopotamus, big floppy dumbo ears, blowing ass at halo, book store sensations, bug sightings, cartoon-band-aids, catchy annoying beats, chiefly aquatic animals, conspiracy in theory, conversations with my dad, cursing the closet monster, devouring the english language, digital bath on repeat, dipping random edibles, doogie howser marathons, e!g!g!s!, eyelash silhouettes, fighting the christmas-nazi, frankenstein torn and battered, gawking at tall buildings, hallelujah in the morning, hitchcockian thumps and bumps, horton on my shoes, impassioned concertas, incorporating nonsense, inopportune humor, language moo, liberated fire hydrants, lite brites and legos, magic in small doses, mayonnaise on everyflippinthing, messy hair masterpieces, mirror(s) in unexpected places, miscreant rap stars, mister turd ferguson, most things miniature, new york city rants, obliterating poopheads, occasional barfly philosophy, old movies and candy, picklefarts, rattie relations, redemption through baked goods, rejecting feng-shui, ridiculously poetic moments, scars with history, self admitted whack jobs, shut eye animation, snoop doggs potty mouth, softly spoken spanish, spouting haiku and alliteration, star trek super geeks, talking to arnold schwarzenegger, the elusive clean poop, thomas jane please, when animals snore, wizards and their wands, zombies the right way